Wedding Quizzes

Are you already or about to get married? With your big day generally comes big pressure - so we thought we'd help lighten the mood with some fun quizzes related to wedding. They might even prove useful!!!

We scoured the internet for popular first dance songs - and saw some truly brilliant dance routines in the process - check out favourites below: (fast forward to about 1 minute in...)

First dance compilation of songs

Gangnam Style first dance

Baby Got Back!

A dedication to my new wife!

Will you be doing a choreographed first dance?!

If you're still trying to figure our which song to dance to, read some lyrics and see which resonate with you - finger's crossed it won't be Gangnam Style!

We put together a simple quiz of name the song lyrics, focussed on classic first dance songs - have a go here:
Wedding First Dance Lyrics Quiz

If you get stuck on one, try humming it! You won't look silly! (we can't promise that!)

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