Quiz Factor Homepage Redesign

So after much hard work we have put live a NEW Quiz Factor homepage today!

Thanks everybody for your hard work.

 We feel it enriches our site further and helps to show off all of our hard work.

It's core goals were to show off our content further - we have thousands of quizzes live on site but many of them were still in hiding.

 Brighten the design of the site - it is a fun site after all!

 Incorporate more copy in order to help engage quiz players and help them understand the quiz they are about to play.

 Simplify the layout so it's easier to read (2 columns was just tough to balance)and showcase our 9 different quiz types.

Quiz Factor new design
Our new shiny quiz homepage. We love it!

 We've also listened to your 'clicks'! 

We've spent hours pouring through statistics analysing where you, our quiz players, click.

We've made educated decisions to remove elements from the site that people weren't using (sorry to the few that might miss them), in turn this will helps make the site faster - something we all want in today's world. 

We've also run A/B tests to help improve content and layout that people are clicking on - the positive results of these tests are obviously now incorporated in the site.

Anyway - all of the above has kept me out of trouble for the last few weeks, it's now time for a well earned drink and time to move on to our next project.

The most important thing is what the public think of the new design and how the interact with it.

We'll be monitoring stats and feedback over the coming weeks and no doubt be implementing tweaks.

At the end of the day "if you're not going forwards, you're going backwards". Cliché over :-)

1 comment:

  1. well done on the re-design, looking good guys. look forward to playing many more quizzes