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The Logos Quiz Apps have taken the worlds by storm. Various forms exist where logos are manipulated, pixelated or just left as standard logos.

It follows a slightly odd trend of FaceBook games where players like to do mundane things that wouldn't normally make up games. Think of Farmville and Chefville as classic examples.

When did it become fun for adults to pretend they were farmers?! Similarly, when did it become cool to be able to claim that you've completed the logo quiz. That means the BILLIONS of pounds companies spend on advertising - that we all claim to hate - is working, as you can identify all of these brands.

With a mini rant over, these quizzes/games become fun due to the sense of completion and if you did well, fulfilment.

We've created a logo quiz to be played on line. In fact we've created quite a few logo quizzes purely on the basis that people like playing logo quizzes.

Our current Quiz Factor Logos Quizzes are:

Logos Quiz
Car Makers Logos Quiz
Supermarket Logos Quiz
TV Channels Logos Quiz
Movie Studios Logos Quiz
Corporate Logos Quiz
Mobile Phone Logos Quiz
Record Labels Logos Quiz
Book Publishers Logos Quiz

Is there a logos quiz you feel we're missing? If so just suggest it in the comments and we'll see if we can create it.

Similarly, we love feedback as it only makes us better - please let us know of any improvements you think we can make!

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