Football Quizzes

After a quick International break that saw England lose to both Chile and Germany, the Premier League is back this weekend.

Kicking off with the Merseyside Derby at 12.45 on Saturday, it should be yet another great weekend of sport.

We've been busy bees again this week, and our attention turned to football quizzes. We've been expanding our range of Ladder Quizzes to include specific team quizzes - this is no simple task as each ladder quiz has over 1,000 questions!

We've also been growing our new range of Photo Quizzes and we now have a Manchester United and Arsenal squad quizzes.

Here's a sample of our latest football quizzes:

Manchester United Squad Photo Quiz

Manchester United Ladder Quiz

Wayne Rooney Quiz

Arsenal Squad Photo Quiz

England Football Managers Quiz

1966 England Squad Photo Quiz

Chelsea FC Ladder Quiz

Jose Mourinho Quiz

Tottenham Hotspur FC Quiz

Steven Gerrard Quiz

Christmas Quizzes

Planning on a family Christmas Quiz or just like playing quizzes over the Christmas period when you're a little bored?

Well we've been busy creating Christmas quizzes this year! We've been trying to utilise our various quiz formats to bring a range of Christmas quizzes indifferent formats.

And we're not finished yet - we're trying to squeeze in a few last quizzes on Christmas #1 Songs through the decades - comment below with your favourite!

Here's a list of current Christmas Quizzes:

Christmas Films Quiz

Muppet Christmas Carol Quiz

12 Days of Christmas Quiz

Christmas Food & Drink Quiz

Quiz Factor Homepage Redesign

So after much hard work we have put live a NEW Quiz Factor homepage today!

Thanks everybody for your hard work.

 We feel it enriches our site further and helps to show off all of our hard work.

It's core goals were to show off our content further - we have thousands of quizzes live on site but many of them were still in hiding.

 Brighten the design of the site - it is a fun site after all!

 Incorporate more copy in order to help engage quiz players and help them understand the quiz they are about to play.

 Simplify the layout so it's easier to read (2 columns was just tough to balance)and showcase our 9 different quiz types.

Quiz Factor new design
Our new shiny quiz homepage. We love it!

 We've also listened to your 'clicks'! 

Logos Quiz

The Logos Quiz Apps have taken the worlds by storm. Various forms exist where logos are manipulated, pixelated or just left as standard logos.

It follows a slightly odd trend of FaceBook games where players like to do mundane things that wouldn't normally make up games. Think of Farmville and Chefville as classic examples.

When did it become fun for adults to pretend they were farmers?! Similarly, when did it become cool to be able to claim that you've completed the logo quiz. That means the BILLIONS of pounds companies spend on advertising - that we all claim to hate - is working, as you can identify all of these brands.

With a mini rant over, these quizzes/games become fun due to the sense of completion and if you did well, fulfilment.

We've created a logo quiz to be played on line. In fact we've created quite a few logo quizzes purely on the basis that people like playing logo quizzes.

Our current Quiz Factor Logos Quizzes are:

Logos Quiz
Car Makers Logos Quiz
Supermarket Logos Quiz
TV Channels Logos Quiz
Movie Studios Logos Quiz
Corporate Logos Quiz
Mobile Phone Logos Quiz
Record Labels Logos Quiz
Book Publishers Logos Quiz

Is there a logos quiz you feel we're missing? If so just suggest it in the comments and we'll see if we can create it.

Similarly, we love feedback as it only makes us better - please let us know of any improvements you think we can make!

12 Days of Christmas Quiz

Everyone (except Scrooge) loves Christmas, and with adverts starting earlier than ever before the 'melodies of Christmas songs will be ringing in your ears.

But as every advertiser out there question - do you remember the songs, the adverts and their products!

Advertising a side, one of the most famous Christmas songs is the 12 days of Christmas, you know the one

"On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me..."

Sorry if you now have that tune firmly planted in your head for the rest of the day! 

But whilst it is in your head - can you name all of the gifts that were given - all 12 of them?

So, how did you get on? Post your score in to the comments section below - but don't give away the answers!

Feeling festive now? we have a couple of other Christmas quizzes you can ply, check out:

Cryptic Christmas Songs Quiz

Wedding Quizzes

Are you already or about to get married? With your big day generally comes big pressure - so we thought we'd help lighten the mood with some fun quizzes related to wedding. They might even prove useful!!!

We scoured the internet for popular first dance songs - and saw some truly brilliant dance routines in the process - check out favourites below: (fast forward to about 1 minute in...)

First dance compilation of songs

Gangnam Style first dance

Baby Got Back!

A dedication to my new wife!

Will you be doing a choreographed first dance?!

If you're still trying to figure our which song to dance to, read some lyrics and see which resonate with you - finger's crossed it won't be Gangnam Style!

We put together a simple quiz of name the song lyrics, focussed on classic first dance songs - have a go here:
Wedding First Dance Lyrics Quiz

If you get stuck on one, try humming it! You won't look silly! (we can't promise that!)

Coronation Street - Rovers Returns Licensees Quiz

Coronation Street has been running for donkey's years. Love it or hate, the chance are you've watched a few episodes, even if it's just the Christmas special round at Aunt Nora's house each year!

The TV soap has now passed it's 50th year on our screens so we thought it fitting to take a look back at one of TV's most infamous pubs and it's landlords/lady's from years gone by.

How many of these characters can you still name?

If you managed to get full marks - congratulations! You've obviously watched an episode or two over the years.

To keep up to date with all the Street gossip and shenanigans take a look over at this Coronation Street Blog